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Our company is a web based service formed by a need to help people relocating and tourists who require some insight into the area they are visiting.


Most Relocation Companies for example have many controls, paperwork and referral fees when dealing with relocation.This site enables a company or individual to contact a relocation agent to help them with their move with no fee to the agent for this service. Depending on the company, the fees range from 20 to 30% of their commission. Another problem is that a Human Resource Manager has to spend a great deal of time sourcing out information on the city, before ever contacting realtors or accommodation for the employee they are working with. After some discussions with Human Resource Managers, Realtors and other services it was decided to put together a company that could handle relocations with No Referral Fees, No controls and a minimum amount of paperwork.


We handle moves in the USA and Canada working with Human Resource Managers for executive and other employee moves. Whether moving across country or just around the corner we can help. Employee generated moves represent approximately 70% of the relocation business, yet most relocation companies won't work with them, because they are not company paid. We do, because there is no referral fee for our service and we are here to help everyone. In a population of about 100,000 people there is about 800 employee related moves and 200 executive moves per year. An employee move is where an employee decides to transfer within their company, gets laid off or quits and needs to move to another location. We work under a membership and when you join, we post a profile, photo and a link to your website. Your only obligation as a member is a minimal three year membership fee OF , keeping  in good standing and a one time setup fee. The site is accessed by clicking on the appropriate country, the state or province and then the city. We feature accommodation, a realtor, along with a link to the city website to help you with most aspects when doing a move.


As for Dining, Entertainment, Shopping, Auto Repair and others, they join the membership on a 1 year term for being on the site and also distributed at the area hotels designated. We place their business on the site with photos and information and a link to their web site if they have one. We allow changes to their site in the1  year period for any promotions they may want to show. We also provide a coupon site for their use which also can be changed fee of charge. They only have to contact us within 7 days of the needed change.


The Accommodation facility will be promoted for a period of 1 year. This includes making changes for any needed promotions they want to run, access of their property at the Visitor Bureau and more. They will receive access from their computer to all the members of their area along with an area map that they may add changes to as well.  Once becoming a member your profile is put into the web site within 24 hours of receiving your information and business can be coming your way. If you have any questions, suggestions or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to working with you.

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